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PROMOTION 2020 - Exome Sequencing

Having difficulty finding answers with ready-made exome kits?

Customize target probes to your needs.

Spike-in mtDNA panel.

Macrogen provides bespoke consultation with 20+ experience. Start your project by contacting us now


  • Input requirement: 50ng of purified genomic DNA
  • Twist Bioscience target enrichment
  • Illumina NovaSeq6000 150bp paired end sequenicng
  • FASTQ file delivery via secure FTP download
  • In addition, DNA isolation and bioinformatics service are available.
    e.g. alignment, variant calling (SNP/InDel), annotation to various databases (dbSNP, 1000Genome, ESP, SIFT, CLINVAR, gnomAD, ExAC)

Terms and Conditions:
1. This promotion is only valid in 2020 in Europe and Africa territories of Macrogen Europe B.V. 2. On target depth may vary and is dependent on origin of submitted samples. About 5Gbp can be expected for on target 50X order.