Awarded by Life Sciences Review

We are excited about this recognition from Life Sciences Review for our Sanger Sequencing services. Our CEO, Bongcho Kim, has unreviled the secrets of our customer satisfaction and the future of genomics at Macrogen Europe. You can read a summary of this publication below, if you want to read the full article you can click HERE.

Top-Notch Sequencing Services

Macrogen Europe places a primary focus on delivering top-notch services to customers, starting even before the sequencing run begins. With a team of seasoned experts in lead consulting and project management, the company is passionate about optimizing each run to extract maximum value for customers, especially in unique research projects and those involving low DNA quantities. The experienced consultants conduct sample quality control, engaging customers in the decision-making process to tailor solutions for specific research goals. Complimentary consultation meetings deepen the understanding of project requirements, ensuring open communication and close monitoring throughout the process.

Maintaining a High Internal Quality Threshold

Macrogen Europe stands out with an unwavering commitment to maintaining a high internal quality threshold. As expressed by Kim, the CEO, this dedication is a cornerstone of taking full responsibility for customer satisfaction. The dynamic team of bioinformatic and laboratory experts collaborates to tailor this quality threshold for each project, setting rigorous internal standards even before specific bioinformatic analysis begins. Immediate action is taken if the required quality level isn't met, including resequencing as many times as needed to achieve the desired quality.

This commitment was evident in a project with the Bavarian Natural History Collections in Munich, Germany, where Macrogen Europe successfully processed challenging mitochondrial DNA from 1920, overcoming a low DNA register. In another example, the company maintained a seamless flow of services for bioinformatic company Sequentia, processing 200 samples a week for whole exome sequencing. Through its in-house bioinformatics expertise, Macrogen Europe ensured the timely delivery of data every 18 calendar days, preventing any interruption to Sequentia's activities.

Dedicated to Improving Sequencing Capabilities

Macrogen Europe strategically invests in cutting-edge technologies, like the NovaSeq X platform from Illumina, to handle large-scale sequencing projects efficiently. Staying current with upgrades, such as the latest laser for its Thermo Fisher 3730xl DNA analyzers, enhances accuracy for genotyping and resequencing solutions. While recognizing the vital role of human expertise in upholding elevated standards, the company is in the process of incorporating automation to optimize workflows and expedite project throughput without compromising quality and precision, acknowledging the indispensable role of human expertise.

In a recent move, Macrogen Europe introduced Whole Plasmid Sequencing, a groundbreaking service utilizing Oxford Nanopore Technology. Through an online platform, clients can easily submit samples from their labs and receive comprehensive reports within days. Complementing these capabilities is the company's employee-focused culture, where hiring young talent is a standard practice. Under the supervision of the most experienced employees, newer team members actively guide customers through their projects. This approach accelerates the learning process and professional development, ensuring more engaging and satisfactory customer service.

Strategic Growth: Advancing Access and Expertise

Macrogen Europe's expansive vision spans across Europe, establishing labs in key locations like France, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands. The company is strategically building an international, diverse team to bring its services closer to customers, aiming for holistic support. Driven by a passion for advancing in the field, CEO Kim articulates the commitment to providing top-notch support to the scientific community. The future plan involves enhancing accessibility by establishing country-specific branches and broadening the service application portfolio from Sanger Sequencing to NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing).

Integral to Macrogen Europe's plan is the establishment of a bioinformatics research center. This center will create a genomics database and provide optimal solutions for researchers, laying the groundwork for utilizing genetic information in personalized diagnostics and treatments within clinical genomics. This project signifies the company's dedication to constructing genetic big data for research purposes, aligning with its mission to lead transformative advancements in the field.