Macrogen Europe Goes Green: Tackling Paper Waste at Conferences

29 May 2024


Every marketing department can relate to this: when conferences occur, ensuring that all flyers are printed and sent to the conference is paramount. When attending any conference, you can see how many flyers and documents companies bring. It is important for companies to communicate their innovations, products, or services to attendees, but is it really necessary to print hundreds of papers to do so?

As you can read in this article, from First Event - Paperless conferences: everything you need to know , conferences generate a lot of waste. A typical conference can generate the equivalent of 170 trees in paper waste. Each attendee at a conference produces 1.89 kg of waste per day and can take home around 4 kg of paper that will end up as waste. How companies can fight this back?



ESHG , the European Society of Human Genetics, is part of a milestone for Macrogen Europe. The company will initiate a marketing campaign at theEuropean Society of Human Genetics to raise awareness about the importance of being environmentally friendly.

Macrogen Europe is concerned about this issue and understands its key role in this matter. As an exhibitor at conferences, Macrogen Europe recognizes its responsibility to reduce paper waste at conferences. Our marketing team decided to look for a more environmentally friendly approach when informing attendees about our services. Our initiative involves the integration of QR codes into our business cards, crafted from recycled paper. Simple as that!

Macrogen Europe's new business card with access to an online portal

We decided to invest our resources in acquiring an online portal that connects with our customers. By scanning this QR code, customers can access all flyers and brochures of Macrogen Europe’s services. Like this, service information can be updated and shared at conferences without the need of printing a new ones.

But not only that, flyers and brochures are adapted to be read on your smartphone. With this approach, we can create flyers and brochures according to our customer needs. We can create individualized flyers for each service, application, workflow…and flyers can be updated without the need for printing new ones.

You can access to our online portal here and save it your home screen Our new online portal | Macrogen Europe

“Our new online portal is not limited to flyers; we want to connect with our customers in a different manner. You can save it in to your home screen to have access to exclusive promotions, services updates, videos and free meeting from your pocket” - Eri Quesada, Marketing Manager at Macrogen Europe


The Macrogen Europe's new online portal to connect with customers. Access to exclusive promotions, flyers, applications, free consultation, our community and more.


At Macrogen Europe, embracing sustainability is not just about reducing paper waste; it is about fostering a culture of environmental approach and corporate responsibility. We believe that businesses have the responsibility to take care of our planet and future generations.

Furthermore, we consider that by reducing reliance on printed materials, we can distribute our resources in a more practical manner.The QR code and virtual approach are only the beginning. Macrogen Europe wil lcontinue searching for new ways to use technology to connect with our customers and to do business in a more sustainable manner.