Turkey - MSM and Macrogen Europe

We are happy to announce that from 1st January 2023 we will be extending our collaboration with MSM inTurkey. MSM has been Macrogen Europe distributor for Sanger sequencing services since March 2020 and we are now pleased to inform you that we are extending the collaboration to cover all of Macrogen Europe CES services. This relates to the following services:

·  Sanger sequencing

·  Customized sequencing

·  Identification services

·  Fragment analysis

·  Oligo synthesis

From January 2023, ordering for these services will only be possible through MSM accounts.Therefore to proceed with ordering please get in touch with MSM to get more information. All accounts in Turkey will still be available but ordering will not be possible anymore through them. This relates to the services mentioned only and thus NGS services will not be affected by this change.


Clients who have established prepayment accounts in our system will be able to continue ordering until all amounts are used up. But no further prepayments will be accepted (for NGS prepayments will however still be possible).


For more informationplease get in touch with us or with MSM directly.


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