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Sanger Sequencing

Macrogen Europe B.V offers DNA sequencing using state-of-the-art robotics and instrumentation to generate high quality sequence data at affordable prices.

We have successfully sequenced countless samples of PCR products and plasmids from clients all over the world, and our DNA sequencing services are highly rated for their turnaround time, quality of results, and competitive prices.



EZ-seq is designed to bring easiness and simplicity to your daily DNA sequencing process. EZ-seq and EZ-Bag are prepaid barcode services for premixed samples.

Standard SEQ


Macrogen sequencing service is provided by 3730XL DNA analyzer(AB,USA) and BigDye v3.1(AB,USA). All of the process from sample receipt to data dispatch are done under the tight control of our own LIMS which is developed by us.



Eco-seq is the most flexible and easiest barcode service for scientists who could make a short-cut workflow in preparation of samples. ECO-Seq is a prepaid barcode service for no mixed samples. Option for purification available.

Customized Services & Oligos

Customized Services

Oligos - Fragment Analysis - Difficult Sequencing -Primer Walking – 16sRNA service – ITS service – PCR Amplification


Sample Preparation Template and Primer
Mixed by customer
We mix it for you
Mixed by customer
We mix it for you
Online template/primer
info registration required
Free re-sequencing
Option for PCR Product Purification
Option for Tubes
Option for Plates
Turnaround Times
Tubes: 24h
Plates: 3~5 working days
option for express 24h
Tubes & Plates: 24h

+purification: 48h
3~5 working days
option for express 24h
Option to order plate with twelve 8-cap strips
Minimum Order
EZ-Care Program is an optional service that we provide free resequencing for EZ-Seq single tubes at additional 1 EUR per label, you can select it when doing your online  registration.
For tubes only.

Next Generation Sequencing

Today, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology has made it possible to decode the entire human genome in as little as few days; revolutionizing the approach to study the genome. NGS technology applications enable unprecedented scalability and touch on all areas of genetic research. These contemporary sequencing methods are much more sensitive, enabling clinicians and researchers alike to discover a greater volume of submicroscopic views of our genomes.

Whole Genome Sequencing

Whole genome sequencing (WGS) is the process of determining the complete DNA sequence of an organism's genome, and the most comprehensive tool for detecting single nucleotide variants, insertions, deletions, copy number changes and structural variants.

Whole Exome Sequencing

Whole exome sequencing (WES) is a targeted approach that makes possible to identify variations in the protein coding part in a genome. This can be especially valuable because most known genetic variants occur in exons.

Targeted Panel Sequencing

Cancer Panel Sequencing characterizes fast-track oncology data by surveying either hotspot mutations or whole exome sequences of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes.  Macrogen provides various enrichment methods, as well as helps customization of a panel for your genes of interest.

Transcriptome Sequencing

A transcriptome is a collection of all the transcripts present in a given time point. By analyzing the entire collection of RNAs or transcriptomes, researchers can determine when and where each gene is turned on or off in the cells and tissues of an organism.

Single Cell Sequencing

If traditional transcriptome sequencing (also called bulk RNA sequencing) is the way to see the average gene expression in different cells, then Signal Cell RNA Sequencing can analyze thousands of transcription bodies simultaneously at a single cell level, so we can see the difference in gene expression values for different cell types.

Epigenome Sequencing

Epigenome sequencing confirms that the function of a certain gene is expressed by external environmental factors. Methylation of DNA and acetylation of histone protein are the most representative epigenetic control mechanisms for the transcription of genes.

Metagenome Sequencing

Metagenome sequencing is a method of identifying microbial communities in different environments including the ones that cannot be cultured in laboratory setting. It is used primarily to analyze the distribution and types of bacteria and fungi, and to identify their interactions and roles.

NGS Sample
Submission Guide

Get familiar with our overall workflow, learn how to prepare samples, and how to ship your samples to Macrogen.


Ion Torrent
Whole Genome
de novo sequencing
Exome sequencing
Custom targeted sequencing
mRNA/ lncRNA sequencing
Small RNA/ exoRNA sequencing
Single Cell RNA sequencing
Bisulfite/ MethylCap sequencing
Amplicon sequencing
Shotgun sequencing
Recommended NGS platform
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