Next Generation Sequencing

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For two decades, next generation sequencing (NGS) technology has been delivering vast improvements in the quality and efficiency of genomics research. At Macrogen Europe, we offer a broad range of library prep, sequencing and bioinformatics services to make sure more scientists can benefit from NGS – with high-quality data and fast turnaround times.

Whole genome icon

Whole genome sequencing

Get the most comprehensive genome data

Whole exome icon

Whole exome sequencing

Focus only on transcribed genomic regions

Targeted icon

Targeted sequencing

Ultra-deep sequencing of selected regions

RNA icon

RNA sequencing

Transcriptome sequencing to study gene expression

Single cell RNA icon

Single cell RNA sequencing

Examine expression profiles of single cells

Spatial transcriptomics icon

Spatial transcriptomics

Add spatial information to gene expression data

Epigenome icon

Epigenome sequencing

Take a closer look at DNA methylation

Metagenome icon

Metagenome sequencing

Identify and study the microbes in a sample