Sanger  Sequencing

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Ez-Seq & Ez-Bag


EZ-seq is designed to bring easiness and simplicity to your daily DNA sequencing process. EZ-seq is a prepaid barcode service, in which you order barcodes online, receive them by courier service and use them for sequencing. EZ-seq reduces the workload of creating orders and the number of invoices as you will get one invoice for all barcodes. All you need to do is to mix the template with the sequencing primer and ship the samples to our laboratory with the EZ-seq barcode labels attached.


EZ-Bag is optimized for an insufficient number of samples to be contained in 96 well-plate. EZ-bag, a plastic bag, is sized 12.7cmX9.5cm with a 2D barcode and holds approximately 38-48 of the 1.5ml tubes. The Ez-bag is a single order, and it will be charged per bag regardless of the number of tubes inside. As a result of the calculation on the breakeven point of this bag, over 30 samples can be advantageous compared to regular single tube service. It is an economical service.




Macrogen Europe B.V offers DNA sequencing using state-of-the-art robotics and instrumentation to generate high quality sequence data at affordable prices. We have successfully sequenced countless samples of PCR products and plasmids from clients all over the world, and our DNA sequencing services are highly rated for their turnaround time, quality of results, and competitive prices.

Standard-seq single

It is highly automated to allow rapid processing of plasmids and PCR products. Samples can be sent as un-purified PCR products and purified DNA.

Standard-seq plate

For the customers with large number of samples processed in 96-well plates, this will be a better option. "Standard-seq plate" refers to the orders charged per one entire 96-well plate. Samples can be sent as plasmids, un-purified PCR products and purified DNA.




Eco-Seq is designed to use prepaid labels, but without the need to premix template and primer. Once placing an order via our online website, labels are delivered to you by courier service. Eco-seq is the most flexible and easiest barcode service for scientists who could make a short-cut workflow in preparation of samples. After receiving the labels, simply attach them on the tubes/plates, add the template in the tube/wells, and send them to our lab for sequencing along with the primer. Template and primer mixing will be done in our laboratory.



Customized Services

For over a decade, Macrogen Europe B.V. has been dedicating to provide genomic solutions to researchers in all over the world with its advanced DNA sequencing technology by using 23 ABI 3730XLs.
Thanks to over 10 years long know-how and large genomics facility, we are able to provide our sequencing service for any other individuals or institutes at the most competitive price. From small scale sequencing reactions to large sequencing projects, we are ready to serve you with our pleasure.

Difficult Sequencing

It is a sequencing method for obtaining high quality results as improving the phenomenon of the signal loss or interruption at a certain point caused by repeated sequence, secondary structure, GC or AT region.

Fragment analysis

Fragment Analysis encompasses a wide variety of genotyping, DNA profiling, and mutation detection techniques for medical, environmental, and agricultural research. Macrogen Europe B.V. provides the Fragment Analysis based on our accumulated experience and know-how in genomics. In general, it is used for amplified fragments' size check only. Since PCR amplification is not available through this service, fluorescent-labeled PCR products should besupplied as Microsatellite Analysis (VNTRs) samples.

16s/ITS rRNA Sequencing

Identify a new bacterial species by using Macrogen 16/18s rRNA sequencing. We provide all inclusive service performing DNA extraction, PCR, sequencing and assembling. 1500 base pair or longer sequence is guaranteed for identifying a domain of your bacteria or fungi. As a value service, we also offer Phylogenetic analysis to enhance your research.

Performing gDNA extraction, PCR, sequencing, assembling of Bacteria/Fungi (filamentous fungi, yeast).

● For bacteria, results guaranteed for more than 1,300 base pairs of the 16s rRNA genes sequencing.
● For fungi (filamentous fungi, yeast) 1) Results guaranteed for more than 600 base pairs of the ITS rRNA genes sequencing. 2) Results guaranteed for more than 1,100 base pairs of the ITS + 26s rRNA gene (D1/D2 region) sequencing.

Primer Walking

Primer walking service is analyzing the base sequences of PCR products or plasmid, which is not analyzable by single primer extension in one time. Internal primers are designed and prepared with results obtained after performing end sequencing using the primers given or designated by customers. We make extension continuously by designing an internal primer at an appropriate point using he result obtained from the reaction conducted with a new primer and the same template.(for more than 15kb, for large construct DNA shotgun sequencing is recommended.)

This service is to read 2~15kb of sequence with PCR product or plasmid DNA that cannot be read fully by single primer extension sequencing. Once performing end sequencing with designated primer by customer, we design internal primers with reference to end sequence data. Necessary walking continues with the same method until the whole region is covered. About one week is taken to read 1~1.5kb by primer walking.


With the oligonucleotide DNA synthesis service from Macrogen, you can rely on the cutting-edge techniques applied at our state-of-the-art facilities. Liquid chromatography combined with Mass-spectrometry (MALDI-TOF) analysis ensures that your oligo's will meet the highest standards. Furthermore, you will receive a free purification option with Macrogen's self -developed MOPC™ method for standard and some modified oligo's. The Macrogen Oligonucleotide Purification Cartridge method guarantees a ≥85% purity of your oligo's, which is suitable for most applications. For applications that need higher purities, HPLC and PAGE options are available to you.