Customized Services

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Macrogen Europe offers a range of customized Sanger sequencing services. These include difficult sequencing, fragment analysis and primer walking.


Difficult sequencing

Macrogen Europe’s difficult sequencing service helps you obtain better quality results by improving signal loss and avoiding interruptions caused by repeated sequences, secondary structure, and GC or AT regions.

Fragment analysis

Fragment analysis encompasses a wide variety of genotyping, DNA profiling and mutation detection techniques for medical, environmental, and agricultural research. In general, it is used for checking amplified fragments' size only. Since PCR amplification is not available through this service, fluorescently labeled PCR products should be supplied as microsatellite analysis (VNTRs) samples.

Primer walking

Primer walking analyzes the base sequences of PCR products or plasmids, which are not analyzable by single primer extension in one time. Internal primers are designed and prepared with results obtained after performing end sequencing using client-provided or designated primers.

This service works by continuous extension through designing an internal primer at an appropriate point using he result obtained from the reaction conducted with a new primer and the same template. For lengths of more than 15 kb, large construct DNA shotgun sequencing is recommended.

This service reads 2~15 kb of sequence of PCR products or plasmid DNA that cannot be read fully by single primer extension sequencing. Once performing end sequencing with designated primer by customer, we design internal primers with reference to end sequence data. Necessary walking continues with the same method until the whole region is covered. It takes around one week to read 1~1.5 kb by primer walking.