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With Standard-Seq, all your bases are covered. Whether you are sending gDNA, plasmids, purified or non-purified PCR products, there is always a good option for you with our Standard-Seq service.


With Sanger sequencing technology, we can cover up to 1200 bp of your samples, starting either from purified or unpurified PCR products, or plasmids. If needed, we can also perform gDNA extraction to fit your project.

For Standard-Seq Single Direct we offer the first resequencing reaction free to ensure you get the highest quality results from your sample. If you want to be sure your hard work of obtaining your precious samples is rewarded with excellent sequencing results, this is the service for you.

At our facilities, our experienced technical team will premix either single tubes or full plates and sequence your samples on the 3730xl DNA Analyzer. After getting your results, our quality control team will check them to make sure you only receive the highest quality sequencing results.