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Next Generation Sequencing

Whole genome icon

Whole genome sequencing

Get the most comprehensive genome data

Whole exome icon

Whole exome sequencing

Focus only on transcribed genomic regions

Targeted icon

Targeted sequencing

Ultra-deep sequencing of selected regions

RNA icon

RNA sequencing

Transcriptome sequencing to study gene expression

Single cell RNA icon

Single cell RNA sequencing

Examine expression profiles of single cells

Spatial transcriptomics icon

Spatial transcriptomics

Add spatial information to gene expression data

Epigenome icon

Epigenome sequencing

Take a closer look at DNA methylation

Metagenome icon

Metagenome sequencing

Identify and study the microbes in a sample

Sanger Sequencing


Rapid, flexible Sanger sequencing for tubes and plates

Barcode services

Minimize admin with EZ-Seq, EZ-Bag and Eco-Seq services

Identification service

16S, 18S and ITS sequencing to identify bacteria, fungi and yeast

Fragment analysis

Check the sizes of amplified fragments

Primer walking

Study long plasmids and PCR products

Customized sequencing

Better quality results in hard-to-sequence regions

Oligo Synthesis

Sanger Sequencing icon.

Oligo synthesis

Flexible oligonucleotide synthesis that meets the highest standards